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For this reason, the headline above does not contain an area for the house advantage. The advantage is twice as high in American Roulette due to the additional double zero. Accordingly, there is no reason to switch to the American version. Stick to the French Roulette. You will have more of it in every respect.

If you want to learn more about Roulette, visit Handeltips Online.

6Pai Gow Poker – 1.5% house advantage

Pai Gow Poker House Advantage

Pai Gow Poker comes from Asia and should be familiar to those who have played Chinese Poker before. It is played with seven cards against the dealer.

Once you have received your seven Karen, you form two poker hands, one with five and one with two cards. The dealer does the same. The object of the game is to be stronger than the house with both hands. If this is the case, the player wins. If each player wins a hand, there is a tie, and if the house has two stronger hands, the house wins.

Craps – ≥ 1.4% house advantage

Craps House Advantage

Have you read above that “almost” all casino games are quite simple? Craps is the big exception. When you see a Craps table for the first time, your jaw falls down. There are so many different ways to bet that you quickly lose track.

In fact, craps is more multifaceted than any other game in the casino, apart from poker, which has a special position anyway. More information about the rules and play of Craps.

IMPORTANT: The numerous possible uses change the house advantage dramatically!

That’s why beginners should stick to the bet that promises the biggest profit, i.e. the lowest house advantage. This is the “Don’t Come/Don’t Pass” bet that actually only gives the house an advantage of 1.4%.

4Baccarat – 1-3% home advantage

Baccarat House Advantage

Baccarat is a little out of fashion today. The James Bond universe has been playing poker since Daniel Craig, but Baccarat was played in “Dr. No” as early as 1962 by Sean Connery.

Of all casino games, Baccarat has one of the lowest skill factors, that is, there is hardly a game where you can contribute less to the game. All you have to do is learn which cards or card combinations mean which score, and off you go. Baccarat has the big advantage that you are on par with the dealer when it comes to chances.

3Poker – fixed fee

Poker House Advantage

Poker is the most popular card game in the world. There are reasons for this, which are best summarized in one of the most famous quotes: It only takes five minutes to learn poker, but a lifetime to master it.

The casino has no house advantage in poker, which is because you don’t play against the house at all, but against other players. The house only provides cards, chips and dealers.

The fee depends on the size of the pot, but is capped. So it cannot exceed a certain amount set by the house. This is a fair thing and is treated the same worldwide. However, you should find out how high the fee is before playing online, because there are differences here as well. More about Poker at the Casino.

Blackjack – ≥ 0.5% house advantage

Blackjack House Advantage

Fast, exciting and full of action, this is Blackjack. Pull or don’t pull, that’s the question here. Are you over 21 with the next card or not? What happens with the dealer?

There is no other casino game that offers so many possibilities and so many different strategies as Blackjack. The optimal strategy is well known and can be found in our tables. Not only is it easy to use, it is also allowed.

Read our summary of the most important Blackjack rules to learn more. A little tip, we’ll also tell you how to count cards.

1Video Poker Jacks or Better – 0,46%

Video Poker House Advantage

There are many versions of video poker, but Jacks or Better gives you the best odds. In Video Poker, as in Classic Draw Poker, you have to choose from five cards to keep in your hand and swap the others once. After that, the game is over and if you hold at least one pair of Jacks, you win.

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